Broker License by Reciprocity

Virginia real estate Broker License by reciprocity

A Virginia real estate broker is a higher form of a licensee compared to a real estate agent which Virginia refers to as a salesperson.  A Virginia broker can run their own business as a sole proprietor or be the principal broker of a real estate company. One can also be an associate broker and still work under the supervision of a principal broker.

Before we get into the requirements, here is a link to the Virginia exam prep online courses and books that you will need to use to study for the Virginia portion of the PSI real estate exam that you will need.   Note that the broker subjects are similar to the salesperson subjects but the broker exam has a different number of questions for each subject.  For example the salesperson exam has 2 questions for escrow but the broker exam has 7 questions on escrow.

To get a broker license by reciprocity, there are additional requirements. You still need all the requirements for salesperson license by reciprocity. In addition, you must have an active broker license in another state and you must provide original proof of completing 180 hours of pre-license broker education courses similar to what Virginia requires. You must have been actively engaged as a licensee (40 hours/week) for at least 36 months of the most recent 48 months. This can be provided simply by providing a signed Experience Verification Form that is available on the VA Board website. The above requirements are fully stated on the Broker License by Reciprocity Application to the Real Estate Board as found on the DPOR website page for brokers. You may contact the Virginia Real Estate Board to verify your requirements at (804) 367-8526.

Note: If you are already licensed in Virginia and looking to get a Washington DC or Maryland license by reciprocity, check the DC reciprocity page or the MD reciprocity license page.